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Friends and Saints of the Most High God:


A fresh wind of God’s anointing has entered into the sanctuary of Endtime United Church of Jesus Christ. This year God has instructed us that He is the source of our strength, and our ultimate provider. Endtime has discovered the secret place of God; obedience to the Word of God, communication through prayer, and commitment to the body of Christ gives us special insight on what God has in store for His people. We invite you to join us for any of our services at Endtime so that you can reap the harvest God has promised you.


The ministries at Endtime United Church are flourishing. Our church is on the grow; if there is not a ministry that piques your interest, we serve a God that has no limitations, and your gifts and callings will make room for themselves. Above all, we guarantee that your spirit will be fed during any service you attend. Whether it is teaching forums through bible study or Sunday school, prayer meetings, ministry outings and events, or the powerful morning worship service, you will not leave the same way you came.


God is calling His elect out of every nation. God is establishing His remnant church. Our prayer is that as we enter the era of the end time harvest, you will be called among the righteous, set apart to do the will of God. There is a divine purpose for your life and we have prayerfully prepared the atmosphere for an invigorating worship encounter. Come and experience the freshness of God’s anointing and fulfill your destiny to His glory.


Meet Our Staff

Our community is the body of Christ and our staff is here to serve you. Take a moment to review their information and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


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Weekly Services

Sunday School: 9:30am
Morning Worship Service: 11:15am
2nd & 4th Sunday Evening Service: 4:00pm


Tuesday Night Bible Study & Prayer: 6:00pm – 8:00pm


One Hour Noon Day Prayer

Upcoming Events